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Winemaker Gorakh Gaikwad has crafted Kādu from the choicest premium Karnataka wine grapes to produce a wonderful 'wine for a cause' !

Four delicious Kādu wines are available:

Kādu Chenin Blanc

A bright, slightly sweet, floral and fruity white wine.

The Chenin Blanc has a light pale yellow colour, is refreshing and fruity with delicate aromas of peach, citrus and a hint of honey.

Kādu Chenin Blanc goes very well with Crab Sukka and Prawn Ghee Roast. It is also a perfect match with Goan Prawn Curry and Thai cuisine.

Kādu Sauvignon Blanc

This crisp Sauvignon Blanc has delicate aromas and flavours of passion fruit, fresh cut grass and green peppers. The wine has a light pale straw colour and a refreshing acidity. The herbaceous charactaristics leave the palate with a lovely freshness and aftertaste.

Kādu Sauvignon Blanc goes well with Fish Rawa, Masala Fry and Chicken Ghee Roast. It is also a great marriage with green salads and goat cheese.

Kādu Shiraz Rose

The Shiraz Rose is light, fruity and full of luscious berry flavours. This wine has a pretty color with a light ruby hue. The aromas of white pepper, strawberry & peaches are prominent and the finish is as pleasant as the appearance.

Kādu Shiraz Rose is the perfect companion to Chicken Donne Biryani. It is a Versatile wine, a great buffet wine and also makes for a lovely cocktail!

Kādu Cabernet Shiraz

The red in the range is lush, medium bodied and peppery with subtle oak. The wine has a dark ruby colour and aromas of red berries, chocolate and tobacco.

The Kādu Cabernet Shiraz goes well with Mutton Pepper Fry and Nati Kodi Fry. It is also a perfect match with a wide variety of Lamb dishes and Pastas with flavourful ingredients. Do try this one with matured hard cheeses like Gouda and Parmesan too!